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JanRyuMon M



What da heck on Android 12? I have tried to open but the game got crashed over and over. How I fix or relief it? I am gonna be mad...

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An Airborne Cat


Solid Mahjong Game. A bit more technical than Mahjong Souls, however no english option. If you know and love Mahjong this is a solid pick up, however Mahjong souls has less progression requirements. Mahjong Souls you'll unlock character voices rather easily which always adds a nice flair to the game. While this game, youll slowly unlock voices via playing. (something like 178 lines to unlock, one at a time...) Anyways, if You like Mahjong its a good game. If not, best to avoid.

Chen Ziwei Alwin


As good as the predecessor. nice graphics and sound. hope to have more freebies and cheaper items for sale and gacha.

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