Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Akiyama Michael


I am enjoy the game but gacha in here is weird enough
you see, there is new gacha type for new character that cost 4k diamond, at the first time i thought it will be a Guaranteed 1 SSR/*5 Hero, but when i pulled got nothing, so what difference between normal and this special ?
while normal just use 2600 Diamond, so disappointed

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Sulaeman Alfahrezi


moonton tolong tambahin hero yg ada di mobile legedbb saya bosan dengn semua hero yg ada di mobile legend a!!!



as someone who has been playing since the first anniversary, i must say that this is a good game however its kind of easy? to level up your heroes, but the summons are not that good honestly the drop rates are not that high! might sometimes kick you out of the game but is it just me? anyways events are nice, actually a p2w game. art style is cool though and the graphic is good.

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