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aNGels of death

aNGels of death


CanameMik Top Contributor


the game is a pretty good time waster, tap this and tap that aaaand you're done! i'm not a big fan of this kind of game but feel free to try it if you like something like management simulator-decorating game

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Honestly the graphics aren't so good but the gameplay is nice i haven't been playing it for long but as a fan of the anime and the original game(? ) i honestly fully recommended it like its amazingly cute it glitches a little at the begging but it is totally worth it and its not a pay to win game wich is amazing [不滿]



For what i played now, it is a cute and simple game! The gameplay is really easy to understand, and the story is not bad. Overall, it is a good game for kill the time. Negatives things: the sound is a bit repetitive, and the storyline is not that complex, but it fits the game. If you want a simple and cute game, this is for you![微笑]

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