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Cooking Battle!

Cooking Battle!

Cooking Battle!

AlyneM Game Hunter


I think the game is great. If you're a fan of overcooked, you'll like this game. It's a VS game, so you're up against two other chefs to get the highest score within the time limit.

There are different kinds of chefs, each with their own ability. If you're lucky, you'll get to find a random partner you'll work well with.

There are negative to this game, however:

-A little pay to win. There's a battlepass. Some of which contains items that'll increase your skills.
-I've played Ranked a few times and I've noticed I've only played against BOTS. Even my partner was a bot. How did I know? Movements and teamwork. One time my partner kept picking up and putting down a plate like some kind of bug. The other team also has too low a score to be actual players

Overall, it's still very entertaining but because of what I mentioned above, I'll give it a lower gameplay rating. That's all for now. I'll edit this when I have more to say. :)

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exciting cooking game[開心][害羞][怪笑]

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