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Clash Of Sky丨English

Clash Of Sky丨English

Clash Of Sky丨English

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Clash of Sky Gameplay: https://youtu.be/svh_Jk6P63A

Nato Reyes


I see a lot of 5 star ratings wihtout any description at all. Did standards have plummeted or something? My first impression is, to put it lightly. It's probably just not for me. It's 1gb. The music made me sleepy. No voice sound other than the 1 generic atk sound so far. The font used feels so thin that it might be hard to read for some. Graphics, probably just a passing grade. Skill animation is probably average. There's also the obligatory press this button and stuff at the beginning. Sorry, but it just felt lazy. All in all, I can't really give this a 5 star. That's just too generous. I was supposed to give this a 3 star but it's hard to give it 3 star with this rating system.

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