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Super String

Super String

Super String

Zhou Xiangnan



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Jack Frost


This game easily deserves the spot as one of the best f2p & furnished looking turn based RPG to date.. The developers are very generous as they help you get you any SS hero of your choice in short time, and even more! I'm a f2p user myself possessing almost all the SS heroes, but this is one of the few RPG games where investing money is really trustworthy as the offers are good too and the developers care about their customers. You can get any SS hero just by gathering their pieces from shop at cheap cost or piece exchange menu without even having to draw the heroes from gacha! The graphics is stunning (Unreal Engine) and the story is not bad. The only downfall are the high gold cost for slot equipment level upgrades and the difficulty in tower (after 25 F) .. Other than that, this game is a must to try, I highly recommend it to all f2p and p2w users alike 👌👌



PROS : Fun - All skills and characters are very well animated - almost all females has a bit of fanservice ( the healers specials have more fanservice, they all sensualize themselves to heal your units lol ) CONS : Has a lot of male characters - grind heavy - it can fadigue yourself by the time its required to refine and equip your team - the AI is a bit dumb for auto combat.

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