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Soul Tide | Global

Soul Tide | Global

Soul Tide | Global

Namikaze Shiki


classic turn based
Each unit have 2 skill set, and 3 free form skill set by combining both.
Starting unit pretty strong if built correctly.
Auto battle AI kinda stupid, so only use it if you are really strong.

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Soul Tide Gameplay: https://youtu.be/Gjf82o1OYa4



Warning: MC is male. On one of the dialogues, someone addresses MC as 'brother'. So... Yuh. Just a basic bitch harem protag, avoid if you hate it. Good game! I skipped the story cause I HATE harem protags, but the gameplay is fun and the characters are cute. The gacha is... Well, I've seen better. Doesn't help that the banners only last like 4 weeks LMAO but It's not horribly brutal. At the very least they have a pity system. You def have to use the gacha for this game tho. Not only because of getting new characters, but also for getting dupes. You can get dupe shards by playing other contents in the game, but lets face it, pulling is SO much more fun. Not to mention verves. Don't even try to attempt to get through the game without using Verves, you ain't gonna make it. I actually rec pulling for Verves rather than characters, they're super useful.

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