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Killing Kiss : BL story game

Killing Kiss : BL story game

Killing Kiss : BL story game



Gameplay is just me forcefeeding ads down my throat cause I'm f2p no just kidding (its true). The art is absolutely gorgeous! The characters, are, well, they ARE goodlooking. I'll leave it to you to choose your faves mine personally is Layden! [開心]

Theres also the messages from each of them you can read every 10 minutes which I really really like....and ads you can watch every 10 minutes to earn you gems WHICH I ALSO LIKE, cause unlike other games you're not actually trapped with only having the option to spend real money. I managed to complete the puzzle, have a couple outfits, read all their messages and also their side stories as well as max affection without needing to spend a lick of money. Just lots and lots of dedication.[不滿][發困]

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omg!! this is so nakakakilig, I don't have money to buy gems and all I did was to watch an ad and you have to wait 10 mins to watch another ad. I just waited for like an hour to get gems from watching ads just to do the deed with them, but it's still worth it because nakakakilig talaga sya!!!!.



Im not really the type to make reviews but Ive always like Visual novels especially BL! This game is impressive, As you play it, the game is pretty easy so far? Well, You can collect gems by watching ads, And you'd have free tickets to enter each episodes! Im also so into the Art style, very Handsome and beautiful Ikemen!・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ Aswell as the story line you'd get across the men and the typical BL romance happening to the MC Ryu( ~'ω')~ Looking forward for continuing playing this Game:D

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