Princess Connect! Grand Masters | Japanese

Princess Connect! Grand Masters | Japanese

Princess Connect! Grand Masters | Japanese



키무라는 프토체스를 정식 런칭해라

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Nato Reyes


If they're serious about this game being just an "April Fools" game, then they really made a lot of effort just for them to let us play it in a week. The rating system really lowers what I think of this game, should be 4 star but, the rating system here says it's a bit lower. -Worth playing for a week? Short answer: First of all, the game uses 3d chibi. Second, the game mechanic is like an auto battler card game, but with 3d chibi. So if you can tolerate or like it then it is even when it's only japanese version because it won't be hard to learn. Although if you don't like luck based game then I'd say no. There's no gacha but you still need rng at least from what I think to win till the end of the match since you need unit dupes to lvl up units, need same unit roles for buffs. And the units that you can choose from the pile can be really random sometimes. Long answer: The game is similar to Teamfight Tactics. If you don't know what that is then it's an auto battler game where you setup units on a board and compete against 7 other players till you're the last one left standing. Either you'll be fighting preset enemies or a random player from the other 7 you've been queued up. If you lose, you're hp will be reduced, if it reaches 0 then that's game over for you but the game will continue for others until there's only 1 player left standing. There's no gacha here. But you'll still need luck because the units that you can use in the beginning of the match will be random. You'll have to choose units from the pile of around 4-6 units I think? It's like choosing a card. You can level up your units by getting 3 dupes of the same character level, you can add more unit limit to the board, you can equip gear, put units with the same role for buffs. I think most of or maybe even all priconne units are in this game in 3d. so I can't really imagine this being just an April Fools for all that effort.



for a april fools joke this is pretty well made game, i dont believe this is a joke but more like testing the waters(beta testing) there is no way that a game made for april fools joke to be a week long playable, if it will receive huge reception from the fanbase hopefully this joke game became a real game in the near future. It actually looks interesting.

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