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easy to get into. combines team gacha with some rpg styled upgrades to equipment. some battles dont use your team, rather uses npc teams to clear stages. it looked to promote other units you can pay for.

lobby home screen is cluttered with ivons, like most auto rpgs. too often and when reaching the home lobby, i am constantly being asked to buy packages and top-up my gem counts.

part way through chapter 1, i found myself already idling for some time to get stronger. i write this review upon finishing the first chapter. interface and buttons are not responsive, i have to press multiple times for a response. once the game froze and i didnt notice when opening my main character gear menu.

the tutorial forced my hand for the first 3 stages. more tutorials also came as i progressed through the chapter.

having a designated main character at the start is different for this kind of gacha i think. i haven't seen this before.

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not the best rpg game, the art style in nice, but the censorship and lack of gameplay is meh.




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