PuraOre! Pride of Orange: Smile Princess

PuraOre! Pride of Orange: Smile Princess

PuraOre! Pride of Orange: Smile Princess



So it's quite the interesting game i'd say but has some weaknesses in the main gameplay that really gets me as someone who watches a lot of Hockey. if I were to boil it down, the AI arent really programmed to be smart. Most of it seems completely random at times, I've seen them just stop and not do anything either while someone has the puck or it's loose. This is rare but I've seen it happen.

if I were to put together what i'd change it's mainly AI improvements. Shots being taken when they have open chances instead of sitting in front of the goalie and skating away. using momentum when skating around the end boards instead of turning around, bringing all players into the play so Offense and Defense play on the same side of the blue line.

Some things I'd add: More play stoppage within a period. Goalie freezing the puck and offsides. both are relatively simple to deal with and would add Faceoffs on both the onside circles and Neutral corners or just going back to Center Ice and using the onside circles.

The only other thing is more QOL and it's auto subbing for players marked out on a play stoppage or being able to sub in just the forwards or just the defenders. at least allow me to sub in players before a faceoff like the AI opponent does

Long winded gameplay review over.

Make the AI Slightly Smarter
Goalies should be able to freeze play and offsides should maybe be added in
Allow Subs to be brought in during play stoppage before the next faceoff

Something else minor but please add more cards with art of the players in uniform on the ice. I love the action shot cards and would love more of that kind of thing in game.

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Good game for those who want to play but have little time to invest. The story in game is a sequel from anime. So just watch the first season anime before complaining bcs this is part of multimedia project, some games also did that move. May be boring for other people who want to have a more complex playing experiences, bcs you can go full auto and just watch the match playing itself. Pretty much just like vivid eleven, you only play to collect chara, do some match, raise their lvl and skill to beat harder stage, repeat. In short, pretty good if you just want to play chill bishoujo game.



So the Puraore/Pride of Orange franchise has been on my "to watch" for a while, but I finally got on it after finding out that the game "PuraOre: Smile Princess" was shutting down by the end of November. Still on episode two of the show, but anyway...the game! That's what I'm reviewing. A week into this, I've gotta say that this is definitely isn't bad, but I can understand why it fell under. PuraOre already had a mixed reaction since its franchise's presentation, mixed responses to the anime, and then the game fell under the "meh" category [難過] Graphics: Pretty good! The chibis used for the main hockey gameplay are cute, (but since you're watching them and it would've been hard to tell them apart, they're not wearing helmets as they play,,,oh boy) the sprites are Live2D of course, and the cards are nice. Sound: Do you think there's an alternative timeline where Smile Princess/Dream Monkeys strictly were an idol group instead of hockey/idol hybrid group? Because honestly the song from them that plays in the final around of a hockey game when you're ahead is neat-o 👍 Gameplay: Admittedly, I loved watching these guys skate around, ramming into each other, but gosh did it k1ll me when my team would run off in the opposite direction with the puck...so. Many. Times. There's also a fast forward (x1 and x3) button so you don't have to watch the 1-2 minute games. Y'know, it's weird how little of the "idol" element they used in the game besides the music, a handful of images, and the first "Victory Dance" clip being used as a download screen. Huh. Wish they could've done more if they wanted to commit to that. Storyline: This game was even hooked at the end of the anime where Manaka said that Dream Monkeys' story would continue on, so for those who haven't seen the anime might not have a clue what's going on if they already didn't since it's in Japanese (of course). Speaking of the story, what happened to Maya Walker? She's a character who was in the anime, but here, she's only a labeled opponent whenever you play against Canada in a hockey game. Was the game going to put her in later, or...? Value: Combining hockey and idols was an odd choice from the get-go, but I still enjoyed this game, and I guess I'll keep playing it until its end. Not sure how much of a value it will be once it's in offline mode, because it probably won't be much if only the stories are available and not the gameplay, gacha, etc, like EnGirls/Ensemble Girls. Thanks for your time anyway, PuraOre!

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