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The game starts out promising but there isn't much content yet. I'm not going to gripe about the cost because "Free" to Play games either require your patience or money.

The SMS/chatbot is underwhelming. 弦くん (in my case) will ask me a question about something I like, like my favorite anime or book or movie, and if I don't answer RIGHT AWAY, the bot will move onto another topic. I can't naturally reply to 弦くん about my favorite thing anymore, the bot will just spew out some generic response. Instead, I have to go into my profile and enter that information in the now-unlocked line.

The chatbot mostly texts me to tell me he's eating and that he's tired, or that I shouldn't forget to eat lunch, and when I respond (in Japanese) about the same subject, the chat usually gives a general reply. It only seems to understand THE MOST BASIC things. Doctor Sbaitso on the Soundblaster did better.

The story for 弦くん is cute but also annoying. Nobody got time to be a full grown man's mom.

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I want to love this game.. I really do.. I've been waiting for this game for forever- But, at least for me, it keeps crashing and freezing. It freezes when I try to go out of the messenger and when I come back in my message didn't even send! Even though I did send it! And, sometimes, it crashes for no reason. Until they can fix these.. I don't know if I can keep playing it.. I might; I really really love the game in of itself. It's the crashing and freezing.. I might change my review if they fix it, which hopefully they do.



I had TOO high expectation on this game and before this game released. I like it but like 3.7/5. If i may say, the game to be new however needed more to improve that's what I want. I'll be honest, the game is great. Apparently in a visual one. You have to download fully and didn't take that long. You will have to choose one. Shindo or Gen (Wanna get along with shindo) before i knew, we couldn't go back :( sorry Gen. The story is normally good. When getting in the story, it's a slice of life and sweet. Using rings to pay for each story. Don't worry, a login bonus is there! There's also a sub story which is paid with the silver ones/chains. Sub story may be from events like Valentine's or White day,etc. In addition, stories has a choice of words to reply them and give you a cute CG ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Pet Camera where you sneak to peak on your boyfriend's room. Aki's moving around and his smile is wholesome💕 could give a gift too! I wish i could love the game, the downside is mostly on the chat, RAYN. Doesn't give more accurate A.i reply and ended up being in general. And well, after called a cooldown the game crashes, can't go back to home screen and have to close app. Problem again? My chat reply to dear Shindo was gone and he had alot to reply...This is what i wanted them to improve. We'll see for the better :) And i love the chibi stickers on our RAYN. It's so super adorable and i wish it got to be on LINE (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)☆

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