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Brawl Stars | Global

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es muy buen juego llevo mucho tiempo jugando

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I have a lot to say about this game. Where do I even begin... Firstly i wanna put out there that i really love this game. good fast past gamrply with unique abilities abd an emphasis on teamplay.. thats the issue however... if you dont have a team or friends that you can trust to play with you will be shot in the foot with the terrible random teammates. This is because the majority of the playerbase are preteens who barely have a functional braincell to help with winning . For people who scream the game is p2w ,its really not . Like most supercell games its pay to progress and brawl stars is no different. my only issue is the playerbase and trammates you are likely to get matched with who throw matches when you need to start pushing higher . TLDR Good game, 1 brain cell preteen playerbase. dont have friends to play with ,prepare to suffer. Not p2w, more pay to progress.

Saba Merabishvili


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