Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

Disney Twisted Wonderland | English

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I have long been waiting for this game to have an English translation and finally it has come!
It did took me long to decide to write a review until Beanfest[耍帥]

A regular person having to wake up inside a coffin and having to chase around a cat with flaming ears, next thing, you learned you're stuck in Twisted Wonderland and has to go around the school surviving your new school life while being surrounded by powerful handsome men with issues-- ultimately becoming the underpaid overtime school therapist-student.
An oversimplified synopsis as to what this game is.
Sadly, you can only headcanon it as an Otome game since the design is a huge "clickbait" for a Rhythm game!
Did I regret it?
My phone storage does, but emotionally there's nothing to regret here!

As expected of Japanese Rhythm games and the fact that Disney is involved here, it's all safe to say that you'll be receiving enjoyable game design-- which then makes it seem like an Otome game all over again! (I'm sorry for repeating that)
For players that are artists, the game illustrations and sprites are more than enough to guide you especially the coloring and proportions. Above all, the characters are all unique not only in personality but in character expressions. There's also the animations that helped in the story narration especially when it's a 2D presentation and 2nd person POV.

As for the soundtracks, there's a lot of variations depending on the scene, events, and characters involved-- it's quite immersive. After having played the game and getting used to the soundtracks, the Last Song Syndrome in my brain will automatically play the "calm school life" OST whenever I'm just doing normal stuff.
It makes me wonder if I'm just vibing to the music for too long or I'm starting to go crazy?/j

Character interactions in the game is the most immersive, obviously. Not to mention about Yuu's personality is clearly a regular person but leans more towards the snarky and sarcastic side of humanity-- which makes it fun especially if you're someone who's less vocal of your opinions irl.
The game offers you choices but it merely triggers reactions from the characters and doesn't affect the story in any way, which makes your vocalization of opinions less heavy.
Well, going as far with all the students' behaviors in the story thus-- not only the characters but also the faceless extras-- as a normal person, we, the Yuu's, are the destined to become the mediators for this unstable powerful dudes. What a life~

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кроули прекрасный идеальный добрый очаровательный решительный ставь лайк если согласен



this game will be the end of you. it will consume everything on its way. you'll go bankrupt, you have to sell everything you possess. Lilia Vanrogue will come up to your bed at night to remind you of your sufferings . Jade Leech will shove down mushrooms down your throat. Jamil Viper will have you on a chokehold. Trey Clover can and will bake the most horrid pastries and force you to eat them ✨ with tea✨. Rook Hunt will follow you wherever you go to make sure that you'll stay in this deep hellhole and yOU CANNOT ESCAPE. Vil Schoenheit will poison you in your sleep because you're prettier than him and that you didn't snagged his Dorm Card. Leona Kingscholar will pounce on your for stepping on his tail because you didn't save up for his Fairy Gala. Riddle Rosehearts will insult you for being dumb and playing this game despite all the warnings you've seen. Idia Shroud will call you a normie for not spending at all on his Ghost Marriage. Malleus Draconia will simply laugh at your troubles because you're struggling to keep your sanity waiting for Book 7. Kalim Al-Asim will cry and blame you if you hate him because you're defying against the law. Azul Ashengrotto will force you to sign a contract that states that you're now a simp fof him and he would haunt all your pulls.

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