Star Girl Fashion: CocoPPa Play

Star Girl Fashion: CocoPPa Play

Star Girl Fashion: CocoPPa Play



Hello hello again!

So, this time, lemme review...Cocoppa Play!

Ive been playing since 2016 because Tinierme shut down and I want to play something just like it. I found Cocoppa and lost my first account(but is okay, I never had any decent faces there, anyway) and started anew. Now Im happy with my hard-earned fashion articles and Ill be danged if I lose this again(Thank you, data transfer).

I have a love-hate relationship in this game. If I didnt work so hard on a couple of sets I had, Id be trashing this game(no, not really).

Anyway, enough of the intro. On the review....

Graphics is superb! Lovely, lovely outfits! I use them in my art sometimes(will send photos of my avatars that I drew in my Notes). Though I notice the collab outfits are a little on the cheap side. And by cheap, I mean, their art quality isn't like that of the usual glossy, shiny and sparkly clothes Cocoppa has with their own clothes. It's more like a flat 2D art more than anything but that's just my observation.

Additionally, the graphics are a little too high quality, potato phones like mine are going to struggle with loading them all. Especially if you or someone you visit to cheer have moving backgrounds. Turn them off for better performance at the Settings.

Sound is annoying! Although it reminds me of my OJT days, the same time I started playing the game, it's annoying. There's a reason I played this game with the BGM settings off.

Gameplay is a bore and its exhausting. We all know events are good and all, but every week theres a new event? omg. I tried joining all the events before and it only stressed me out while my resources are depleting fast.

Anyway, my advice, play the events you only like and avoid the events you hate like the plague. You wont die if you miss an event or two. Use the rest time to finish Dailies for coins and tickets along with replenishing your resources.

Me? I dont like the Style Wars the most.

Like I mentioned about the graphics, Style Wars is the most annoying because you need to be redirected to the Event page to blast them to kingdom come. And if you have potato phone + potato internet expect for the event person to leave lol.

Storyline, I always skip this one cause, again, big graphics + potato phone, not good combo. Hence I skip it. Therefore I cant make judgment about it.

Value is abominable! This game is expensive! Expensive I tell you. A lot of money for a few measly coins? No thanks. Im already a poor boi.

Thankfully, their generosity has improved through the years. Both the currency earning and the gacha rates, all good now. Before, I never got a face after a year of playing, when I returned, I now have more faces I dunno what to wear now.

It all just depends on your luck this time and hope you get lucky all the way!

P.S. Despite me dissing this game, I like it. Hence the reason why I keep it all these years lol.

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Ну в общем кокоппа сожрала все мои монеты и билеты, шмотье попадается говяное, донатеры говнюки Сугороку больше нет, монетных гач слишком дохрена, разрабы ушлепки Классная игра, всем советую 😠😠😠

Alicia Marray


You must spend A LOT of money to get good rewards from events. I put in $30.00 a month and do not come close to "the good" event rewards. I'm saying people are putting hundreds to thousands of dollars in to buy these high end rewards ( because they can not be earned by playing free to play or by putting in less than $100 per day per event ) Also, they have this thing where they pick a "family"... They say they pick based on how much you play the game, BUT I have had two of my club members who were picked who barely play at all but they put in A LOT of money... I play on average 4-9 hours a night ( participating in events only to rank around 700-900 towards the end of them ) and have applied to be in this "family" & they have not chosen me. So clearly, how much money you give them is more of a factor than how much you play the game. Also, I have played this game for over a year now, and log in every day. There have been times I play this game for 14+ hours a day & I still have not earned/gotten a moving pose for my model & I am a subscriber. This game is HIGHLY based on addiction & having a lot of money to waste. A LOT of money.

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