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Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English

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In all honesty, I dunno about the anime of this game. I was only roped in by my friends who got the game because they watched the anime. I am poorly informed and I dont have the time to watch it myself. I did wonder if I get to enjoy this game even though I dont know the characters and all that.

However, the moment I started playing, one doesnt have to know the anime to enjoy this.

Its the first game that I played with this kind of game mechanic. And its more than just getting good servants and making them strong. Its all about using that thing inside your head called brain.

Dish out combos and chains. Dont be scared to use your servants' skills to power each other up and deal bigger damage to your enemies.

Behold the bounties of lolis, ooka-sans, and onee-sans in this game and bask under the wide spread of shotas, ooto-sans, and nii-sans!

Other than collecting servants that all interact with each other during events, you also get to cry and despair when the gacha is a total jerkward to you by not giving you the servant you want after all the bloody tears you cried and the dead bodies you sacrificed....

Anyway, this is a good game! Make sure to friend me cause I'm pretty strong now. If not, friend me still, I need someone to carry me. Thank you!

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I had a house before

wil alex


This is how mobile games should be. Also one of the saltiest mobile game out there. It is like having succubus as your girlfriend, it sucks you drain but you will always come back for more [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

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