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**Warning** If you easily offended over the fact, skip my review. I write based on what i experienced, info i get, and what happen from the other players without filtering my words. Is the game fun? Yes but with a catch that you need to know before playing. Start with the important part, perfomance issue. If your phone not a flagship phone, you will having a hardtime enjoying the game bcs even with low setting, the game will lag or stutter. Heck, some phone won't able to enter the game and just stuck at black loading screen. Also an info i heard, you can't play on emulator like bluestack bcs the game detect it as illegal access. Even thought the art is good, the poorly optimization is questionable too, the game running so heavy. When I test on all max graphic, with good device it running smoothly yet all their 3D assests is not even high quality, a bit stiff animation and sometimes jagged 3D assets. The gameplay is somewhat good to certain degree, but it just give you a false sense of freedom and action, because you just move in a 3D dungeon that cover a really small area. Then the battle in which you able to move and choose your action ala nier mobage but at the end you just gonna turn on auto and 3x speed when you unlock those feature. The "action" scheme is kinda pointless to me, bcs it just another turn base gacha games. You just need to pick which target and your action. That's all. Another problem is their grind, you only able to lvl up through stages and this is the start of your nightmare (unless you able to play non stop somehow like a neet), the exp gain per stage is not that big, even though you have skip ticket to instantly farm the stages that you already cleared with 3* result, the skip tix you have is just a few and very limited. Mostly it coming from 3* stage clearance rewards, which is again annoying bcs they deliberately put a monster way much stronger than you on some stages, even have a tutorial to just avoid it and revisit the stage later so you can defeat it. Hence naking you unable to 3* the stages and miss the rewads. I will stop here about gameplay bcs the rest is just another typical gacha games feature and another hellish grind stuff. The story is what they are trying to sell, it branched and you choose your own fate about the flow of the story and how it roll, like what they already advertised. This is a unique part for me, since it make you think about the consequences of your choice. (And the fact that most of you can't read japanese so you get confused more.) Overall, the story is good for me and interesting even though it just you usual shounen fantasy story plot. Their monetization tho, typical Sega. It worse, the drop rate is not as worse as FGO. 3* unit as highest rarity is 2% rate, but 1 pool of banner is mixed with fairy, a support unit which also have their own rarity. Important part here, there's no spark or pity for F2P. Sparks (or coin gacha exchange for rate up chara if you don't know), only available for PAID GEMS pull and 1 spark cost 140 coin (14 multi) or so, I already forgot. So just count all those money just to spark 1 unit that prob overcreeped in the future. So as F2P, go crying or just suck it up if you get a bad pull result. Please correct me if I get this part wrong. Gems also hard to get, the most gems you get is only from missions and log in. Even the pre reg rewards only give you 800 gems and you need to grind your ass for the rest because 1 multi cost 1500 gems. They give yellow tix called story tix but the first 2 tix you get is fixed result as part of the tutorial and story. You can get 1 multi tix that guaranteed 3* unit, but again you need to grind your ass off to clear all mission to claim it. Overall it's fun to play games, I personally like the game and their arts, just don't get too serious over it and better get a good device to play it if any of you wanna play this game. Because the game will overheat and draining battery so fast even on mid-end device.



シン・クロニクル | Sin Chronicle Gameplay: https://youtu.be/ZlsACeVjDdw

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