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Merge Girls : Idle RPG

Merge Girls : Idle RPG

Merge Girls : Idle RPG



muy entretenido, eso si hay mucho rng en las fusiones , puede que no consigas ningún ssr en 5 fusiones arcoiris o mas, o puede que en 10 seguidas saques ssr, es solo cuestión de suerte, no hay pitty, ni asegurado, pero hay una suerte de banners si los activas te dan drop extra de un pj ssr, si lo desactivas pues no hay preferencia.
dejando el tema que hace que algunos lloren, quizás le mejoraría los sonidos :P

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As a free to play player, I seem to be getting way luckier than i should be, already have almost half the SSR units on the first day. Also, the game looks nice and I had fun .



a really fun game that excels on its grinding aspect, mega mega friendly to any users, be it f2p p2w you name it. not to mention props to the community for being so welcoming to the newbies. great time killer, no wait i guess it is not even being a time killer since it doesn't require many hour to manage stuff to get things right, basically a chill and all game to enjoy the progress of grinding.

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