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Wonder Planetes

Wonder Planetes

Wonder Planetes



ecchi AF. though seemingly easy at the start. i guess you unlock lewds of each character. tutorial was very basic, but haven't figured out how to summon.

small flight area keeps combat and movent fast paced. if you centure out of the combat area, you take damage. different characters probably differentt atrack patterns to utilize. one of the characters has a wide tri-wave shot, whike another has spinning defense blades that allow for close combat.

i like the game so far because of the eccch-ness.[色色]

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Quang Trịnh Duy


https://pan.baidu.com/s/1N8kvXyQchiYDSWAZ94u0jQ?pwd=gxp9 i found the apk for the 18+ version, but since i don't have the account to download, anyone who can download it please share to me update: http://wp1.gamekee.com/77131.html this is the wiki of this game. After searching for a whole night i didn't find any other place that could possibly extract the apk, so this link above might be the only place to download the game without age verification



Great bullet hell booba game, the adult version is on Nutaku now, with even more content!

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