Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative

Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative

Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative




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イモータルズ:マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ | Immortals: Muv-Luv Alternative Gameplay:



Update 2: They pulled the game from both appstore and playstore, close the server till next 3 days because holiday so they can't work on it on time. So i doubt this game even playable after those 3 days. Patience has it limits and so do i. Just move along and play other games. *Fanboi gonna be like, triggered by this and trying to glorified all reason they have to defend the game and turn a blind eyes over the truth. Lmao Review update: Tl;dr Azur lane with muvluv theme. After a rocky launch, the game is actially enjoyable to play. But i need to mention it first. You need a good device to play, a really good one is better, even some mid end device might struggle. Because the game is running heavy and poorly optimized. Visual wise, it's cery cool and modern even tho it's a bit weird seeing it with post-apocalypse/disaster theme. So it may be hit or miss depending of your taste, hence i won't go into too much detail bcs you can already seen it from pic on qooapp. 1 thing that i want to mention, despite all good looking and clean (imo) UI and UX, the design is simply not intuitive, some feature might be missed at first bcs it hidden behind ambiguous icon. Also the game is not fully voiced either, so it might be lacking on some part of the game. Gameplay, you need to form a unit but those unit will cost certain fuel per battle depending of your unit rarity. Yeah it sounds similiar bcs the core gameplay is 100% kancolle and azur lane. You will jump in into a map with nodes/tiles and move along till you encounter enemies icon/avatar. That's when the real battle begin, shooter arena, again similiar with azur lane. You blast all betas on map, wave after wave, use your pilot skill or just go full auto and wait till it done. Bu i don't recommend auto bcs the A.I is dumb, even toddler is smarter than this A.I. Since it similiar to azur lane, that also mean you need to grind a lot on games, for raising up skill, level, get better equipment, limit break your level, etc. Sadly i don't find any item to increse your lvl without playing stage, rather there's no feature at all for raising your lvl using items. You must grind your way throught stage, repeat it over and over again. Gacha, 1% for SSR highest rarity (check my notes for screenshoot). 1 multi pull cost 1500 ingot (premium currency), not sure how hard to farm it bcs it still early games. But we get a total of 6k ingot at start, part of pre reg campaing and apology rewards for their rocky launch. Monetization? Everything is expensive, just invest your money on real robot. So at the end, is this game good then? If you like muvluv, action and grindy games. You will like this game a lot. I'm not a fan of grindy games, but i like this game too. Quite enjoyable even as casual player. Sadly, i hope they can improve the game and server better. Especially the game optimization, it just so heavy to run on non flagship phone, so not all people gonna able to enjoy the game fully. Or even worse some people can't even play this game at all, because server and optimization issue. Original review: Keep delaying the game, then when it released we have erver problem, so another delay after delay. Now we stuck with indefinitely delay.

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