Sentimental photography︱Japanese

Sentimental photography︱Japanese

Sentimental photography︱Japanese



I installed this game because the pictures led me believe it was a faceless protagonist game. It is not. I should have watched the video... Once I realized that, I lost interest. Otherwise, it seems like a cute game. The art is just OK (compared to others), but the voice acting is lovely.

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I Don't Even Know Anymore


ok maybe this might be a bit subjective, but I honestly love this game they're quite generous honestly.. in the gacha tutorial you get a guarantee 1 ssr Card, and then if you open the mail you'll get 10 gacha tickets + 1 confirmed SR gacha ticket (but some of these bonuses are only avaible for people who play the game near the release, so if you want the bonuses better start playing now) To summarize the gameplay... you can log in at 3 different time intervals to collect 30 tickets, BUT these tickets aren't for reading the story, they're used for "jobs" so you can get get coins and materials to level up your cards. Basically it's kinda like stamina, but to get the tickets you have to login bcs it doesn't recharge within a certain amount of time. However you get a ton of tickets for first time players, and sometimes there are items that can give you extra tickets to read the story you have to level up and gather some coins and books to unlock the next episode, you can read any of the guy's story without changing route plus you can re-read the previous chapters too The graphics are beautiful imo, it doesn't have those tiny movement motion other advanced otome games have but I still think the current graphics satisfies me although since this is new and it's just released, there might be some bugs here and there. Sometimes when I come back to the home screen the BGM suddenly disappears, but then it'll come back not long after the only struggle is that I'm not fluent in jp (´;ω;`) so I use tap translate screen to read the stories, and yea the translation can get a bit wonky at times but I do recommend it if visual novel is your cup of tea and you're willing to go the extra mile to translate the game hope this helps~ PS: Enjonji's seiyuu (the guy with red eyes+ glasses and brown hair) has the same seiyuu as Zhongli from GI and Kaito Ishikawa voiced Sakuma (the semi long black hair guy with glasses)

OtaQoo 71290375


Not that bad for a visual novel themed game 💕 - The gacha is available 1 pull / day for free the percentage of SSR isnt that bad, it's normal. - The voice actors are really great, the stories are actually voiced. - This one mainly will rely on gacha i think, as there's so many banners already. for 10 pull you need 3,500 diamonds I LOVE THE GUYS, THE STORIES ARE CUTE. THE HEROINE ALSO HAS HER SHARE OF FRIENDS AND THEY'RE ALSO CUTE ❣️❣️❣️

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