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Last Period

Last Period

Last Period

Emily Yin



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This game is Japanese only. -- Graphics -- The chibi characters are so cute! *Hugs* Some of these ladies (and girls, dammit why) are thicc. -- Sound -- Sound assets are fine. Nothing that stands out as excellent or terrible. -- Game Play -- Just time your button presses to your attacks and also to the enemy's attack. Very simple. I'm terrible at timing, so I lose my combo far too much. -- Story -- This is a good refresher. I've been playing far too many gacha games with unbearably boring plots about saving the country/world for "justice" (Chain Chronicle, Tales of Rays, Fate Alchemist Code). It feels almost like I'm reading/watching a comedy/adventure. A fun read.



no complaints about the graphic the art is hawt AKA wedding balzac is the example also the chibi art is rich of motion set especially when idle as for sound and bgm the song 泡沫の記憶 is pure gold to the point i want to have an orgel playing that BGM all day long sadly for the first chapter the story for haru it's not full voiced but it's understandable and they made chapter 2, winter's story full voiced which is very helpful for non japanese like me. story is ruthless it's picks you up and down in an emotional twister as you walk forward discovering what the heck happened with the two protagonists and their fate as well as the people near to them. they have no problem stabbing you deep in the soul with the story. I'm a beginner but I'm sure I'm gonna have luna stones problem in the future but for now I'm fine and the gacha treats me well enough imo. amazing game !

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