Girl Wars: Fantasy World Unification Battle | Japanese

Girl Wars: Fantasy World Unification Battle | Japanese

Girl Wars: Fantasy World Unification Battle | Japanese



I'm SERIOUSLY impressed with the skill animation this game has, especially how smooth it is when they transition from sprite to animated cutscenes.

Gameplay wise, the game probably boast a more strategic aspect comparing to many of the genre counterparts. And this is a game about "plots".

However, I do not recommend this game to f2p players as it has one of the most horrid gacha system I've ever seen. The banners give random craps at all times in between the fractals of a hero. That's right. Fractal. You will most likely never roll out a full hero, ever (I know I haven't). That 3000 gem and tickets they gave you in the beginning? Useless, it won't give you any new hero and players will have to use whatever the game give them thru story progression.

With saddened heart, I'll give this about 5.5/10.

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I have absolutely no complaints! beautiful animated sprites, unique designs and very stunning skill cutscenes !!(although they buff up the uh..breasts, dunno why) ✿The language barrier is pretty hefty, so It's trial 'n error for those who dont know JP. I have no issue with gameplay, as its pretty standard (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。 ✿Woo your fighting girls with gifts and food for a higher intimacy and battle buffs. Its bordering on explicit at times, just tip toeing. Its pretty conspicuous with its poses 'n the like, so if you're into that, go ahead. ✿Game size is around 1.12 GB with user data, so its very good for the amount of content in game!♪ ✿The tutorial takes 'round 10-5 minutes depending on whether you want to read the story on not. ✿Gems are pretty easy to come by, as for the launch gifts you get 3000 and other material boxes for your team. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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