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Merge Girls : Idle RPG

Merge Girls : Idle RPG

Merge Girls : Idle RPG



dont waste your time, and especially not your money. iim veteran gacha player, and rhese rates are laughable. the only ssr i have, are the ones i paid for, and im in rhe top 20. idk how many times ive fully merged, but every time, its R (which is literally useless) or sr (whoch becomes useless once you have ssr). the startup packages are a straight up lie. they state that you get the products "each day". but you dont. when i contacted support about this, not only did it take them 5 days to respond, but they ignored the issue entirely, instead, stating that they checked my payment, and saw that it went through......no shit! you cant even reply ro the support email, which makes it even more frustrating.
this game would be fun for about a day, no more

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Merge Girls: Idle RPG Gameplay: https://youtu.be/BO9a1p7ZQRQ



As a free to play player, I seem to be getting way luckier than i should be, already have almost half the SSR units on the first day. Also, the game looks nice and I had fun .

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