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this one's for gilbert and I don't have that much motivation to search for new games lately.

as far as "anime" styled games goes, the graphic is awesome in high settings. (yes, I was once went to internet cafe just to feel the 60fps high graphics) for my phone, it's also great.

depends on your character preferences, the gameplay could be super cool to real crap. they give new content regularly, as a casual to not to hard gamer I am, it's an almost perfect style. not so unpopular opinion, I like resin system. sure it could be improved, but I see it as their way to tell you to come back later. gacha rate, I agree it shit, but the pity system balanced it out. my one of a few complain though, is the artefacts grinding, where they rng-ed everything. [暈][暈][暈]

I forgot the reason why I started playing this game. but I'm staying for the Archon Quest. if I am to rate the story, Archon Quest holds the highest. Story Quest/hangout could be polished. event story definitely need some refinement.

now for the bgm. it is great as it is. but sometimes, I don't catch the feel of some bgm. mostly battle bgm.

overall this is a game I'll keeping. no promises. but I really want to see the twins trully reunited (or fought each other). if someone forced me to choose one game to keep for my entire life and give up others, I'll definitely choose to beat the hell out of him.

now I'll wait for my gilbert frame.

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Beware this game is almost 7 GB big, eats your battery like a starving pig & turns your phone into a hot potato. Besides all that miHoYo did not disappoint with the graphics, they're mesmerizing & the soundtrack is excellent as well. It's an open world game, so there's a lot to explore. While everyone is talking about Breath of the Wild here, I'm getting some serious Tales of Zestiria vibes from it with all that elemental stuff & entering the city in the beginning. I found the start of the story interesting but after playing more, it lost my interest. It's nice to learn about the world you just dropped in & find comrades along the way, but it seems kinda basic to me & looks like you're gonna be stuck only in this city. Well, it's still just the beginning so maybe later there'll be more to it. Now this game committed 2 serious crimes. 1st crime: Paimon is too adorable 2nd crime: I can't pat the doggos & kitties [大哭] EDIT: This is clearly outdated as I wrote it back in 2020. I played it a few more weeks & then I dropped it, so I don't know what's been added, changed or how much space it takes now. You're better off looking for Reviews that have aged well or are newer



After playing the game for almost 4 months, this is my progress and review. It's gonna be a long one cause this is how I feel after playing this game for this long. This is a review for clearing out misleading stuff about the game and as for review, you can check my ratings above that I gave to it; Progress: AR48, completely F2P, have 3 5* characters in team (Ganyu, Mona and Qiqi) which I got from hitting soft pity everytime, have all of the 4 stars except Razor, daily playtime: 2 hours average, Original resin in the inventory: 43, Console: Android 4GB Review: Despite getting all the hate the hate for being "predatory" and "not f2p friendly", I wanna clear out some rumors or straight up, lies about this game, First off this game is extremely f2p friendly and not predatory at all cause you can clear the entire game even with just the starter characters that they give you. Gacha is completely optional and you don't even need 5* character at all to finish the game or by that extension any 4* character from gacha as well. There is no resin pay wall unless you are a hardcore gamer who plays for 8 hours daily. You won't even need to use your resin supply that game provide after ascending Adventure Rank if you are a casual gamer (This comparison ofcourse only holds true for F2P players). And to be fair, the resin cap is only there so the people don't skim through all the game content in one go. What MiHoYo failed to foresee was an impatient fanbase who treats the game as a PvP rather than PvE. Secondly, the gacha in this game is one of the most generous gacha I've seen in mobile games and I know this for a fact I have fair share of experiences with gacha games. People will say that the gacha is terrible cause the drop rate is even below 1 percent. Factually what they should be saying is the gacha drops of 5* characters or items are 0.6% but for 4* it's unbelievably 6% which is saying too much cause even some 4* are as good as 5*, if not better. Moreover the game has pity system which means at 90th roll you'll definitely get a 5* but you'll have to be really unlucky for not hit a 5* at soft pity. The rewards for the game might seems really low from a first glance but if you look at it collectively it pretty fair. My average result from estimation will be that over a course of almost 4 months you can get upto 300 rolls if you don't spending any money. This also brings one yet another small point that the F2P players in the community are acting as if it's their right to get all the 5* characters as if they paid for it which is absolutely absurd. If you miss out on a character then be patient. It's a gacha game. They're sure to rerun the banner sometime in the future meanwhile you should save your primogems for that character. Third point, artifacts drops in this game have random stats so it's extremely difficult to farm good artifacts that's why (from my personal experience) they're not worth the effort. The artifacts I use on my characters are mostly four stars with just crit dmg/rate substats mostly which are really low if you take my adventure rank into account (AR48) and hence the reason I don't farm for artifacts and still have 43 original resins unused in inventory. Talents material on other hand can be really tough to farm, but for players like me it's more of a challenge than frustrating. The reason why people call the game difficult for F2P cause they don't know how to build characters properly, end up getting stuck in the progression and jump to the conclusion that it must be a pay wall. No, it's not. To the contrary this game is quite easy if you know what you're doing. My concern for the game is that from what it seems so far is that this game is about 25% finished (personal guess) and it's already occupying 10 GB space on my phone. And I fear that with future content and update this size might stretch upto 50 GB by the time the game is complete which will be too much for android players unless they find a way to compress it somehow without effecting the gameplay. So in conclusion, I'm really excited for what MiHoYo will bring to this game in future.

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