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я бы поставила 100 но акинатор не знает меня...

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The game's pretty enjoyable as a pastime, and it's pretty intriguing whenever the genie asks a question. It can be both frustrating and exciting when the results come, sometimes he gets it but if your character is something rare (particularly from a written or manga series) it can be frustrating and you have to either submit the character or vote for an existing request. It's casual but also fun, not the most engaging, but it does makes you wrack-up your brain to give out the most accurate answer as possible that points to your character. One thing that fascinates me the most was when I was looking for Swindler from Akudama Drive. She's not as popular as a character and her information could've been used on many other characters, Akinator particularly asked questions that are half-related to the anime but I'm still surprised that he got her!



(´◉‿◉`) it's actually a nice app! It's fun because this Aki guy keeps on guessing my waifus and husbandos AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!(´≖◞౪◟≖)

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