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Adorable Home

Adorable Home

Adorable Home

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Ahh...Yes the nice and the tranquil kind of game. I once played this one since two years ago...(hmm..1yr 8month?) and it's a really great game tho.✨ The graphic?😃 Yes yes... very smooth and well coloured like crayon (~ ̄³ ̄)~ I love how the characters too! Very nice[賣萌]Oh! Everything changes, i now play the updated one so there's new stuffs and even more interiors came in! Sound or BG music?😌 Simple! And neutral? Beside that, when playing with the cats the music is now different 🤗 not like before i played this. Others? Well...i can't say much too this game and the value.. can't say tho. Wish there's more pets to adopt cuz cats already been so much in the room~ Ahha...eventho there are others but not the family's pet. [開心]Again, the characters! I'm so vewy glad for the game creator that we can even choose whichever gender?/partners to be a lover!💖[大哭] So happy!!😍😇



Simple and casual game. I like it. They have very cute cats.

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