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Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine

Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine

Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine




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This game makes me sad when I play it, knowing that such a great game is being left to rot in download libraries, just waiting for its eventual death. I am almost sure that no English version will be made, the JP player base alone is barely enough. They have idol groups for their voice actors as well, which perform a live event called HachiSama every year. My best experiences with this game are the moments where you increase your players meet and watch a walk off home run, get just the right card you need in Cinderella story or that feeling of euphoria as the gacha screen turns to a starry night with shooting stars, confirming your SSR. Hachinai has a special place in my heart and if you have the time and disposable income, I really hope you support this game



Okay, I love this game but imma review this objectively. Graphics: Art is amazing. I love the game's way of storytelling (different angles of the dialouges, etc.) But it does look a little bit outdated with the UI. Sound: Its a meh. Not much to say tbh. Its enough to not annoy the hell out of you. Gameplay: Okay, gameplay is a meh because you don't do anything in the matches. That's my only gripe in gameplay because there are other aspects of the game (like upgrade system, there's a lot) that makes the game a bit challenging. You actually need to make a good team to do good, like this ain't your usual Raising Sims game, you hafta make a strategically good team. Storyline: N/A because I have not watched or read the anime and I cannot understand JP. Value: May be a big pass for some people but tbh, once you dive right in to the other aspects that I was talking about, game gets fun. But, most likely only a few would play this. Also, Nozaki is best girl, she's the main reason I played despite not knowing anything bout the game. She is precious, so play the game god damn it.

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