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Romantic HOLIC: dream walker

Romantic HOLIC: dream walker

Romantic HOLIC: dream walker

Water Lilly


A good game that has quickly become one of my favorites. The romance concept and the characters are wonderful and it is a decent game that still has its flaws_(°ω°」 ∠) I dont like that some of the choices require a lot of tickets though.

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the story made me cry and i really love allen, its unfortunate that yk he's already .... but the story line is *chefs kiss* i want to restart the whole damn story because i kind of regretted not choosing liam at the end because my man deserves so much better :((( im already lazy plus if you want to choose the other love interest route you'll restart right from the beginning, thats my only problem with the game[憋屈]

Pumpkin Horns


Probably one of the best plots ever [耍帥] This game is horribly underrated but tbf i think it would've been better if they used the same character profiles artstyle in the endings/cutscene pictures

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