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maybe: Interactive Stories



Its hard to review this game as a single unit because the art and stories all vary based on the book you are reading. The books range from more Western style stories to adaptations of Korean comics from WebToon or novels on Naver.

I personally find the Western stories to be cringey. The art for them is fine in most cases, but the stories (especially the Mature ones) make me want to die due to the way they are written. The BDSM ones cause my soul to leave my body--not because I dislike these types of stories, but because I find them to be written in an embarrassing way. Everything seems to be a punchline or too heavyhanded. I dont mind explicit content, but there's always room for a little subtlety.

The stories adapted from WebToon or Naver have FAR prettier art and the writing is much more satisfying. They leave you craving more, aching for the next chapter. The drama is typically better paced. The humor doesn't make you roll your eyes.

I recommend reading a chapter of a book using the free points to see if you like it, and then if you can afford it, buy the whole thing outright. You'll be able to replay the story as many times as you like (great if there's multiple romance options) and you'll have access to all the clothes for all the characters!

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it was fun but there was a problem with the diamonds. I really dont have money so i cant buy any diamonds any after finishing a episode you only get 2 diamonds back if you watched the ad i wish there was a login for the diamonds so i don't need to spend any money on it but over all in was good.



Wish there's more to come~ Im still waiting for the new 😅 I want the hot dudes there🥺😝😍Really

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