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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode



I am big fan of Disney this game , disney mirrorverse and disney magic kingdom are great, and i wish i could play mirrorverse my favorite game and i miss
My friend so much and i miss the new update so far i but i cant download mirrorverse and it say unable connect with server 😔😭. One more thing I don't like it its to many 4.5 mb because my Storage space keeps full memories

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I've been playing this game since it first came out, and its gone a long way since then. Plenty of disney characters in the game to obtain and use, a nice story, and a decent amount of other gameplay elements to do. I will say this though, that new players joining the game now will have a hard time unless they spend money in it. It is pretty p2w, since the level cap is very high and getting characters to that limit from the start can and probably will take a lot of time if you are f2p, since your characters max level can only go as high as your player account level (if your account level is 10, your characters can only get up to level 10, and so on). If you dont care about PvP, then taking your time with the game and upgrading units, collecting more characters as you go isnt a problem, but competing in PvP isnt that easy unless you put some sort of money into the game. Some characters are also very commonly used since they are really good, and the meta changes every so often, as a character or characters that are really good usually get countered by the next character that is added. However, you can still do really good with characters that are not meta or that are not commonly used, it just all depends on the team composition and what team you are going against.

Benjamin Scott


Love the characters, love the gameplay, love all of the different game modes.

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