Horror Brawl: Terror Battle Royale

Horror Brawl: Terror Battle Royale

Horror Brawl: Terror Battle Royale



This Game is not bad i love it but only problem is
The joystick it kinda hard to move and lag.
Anyway this kinda perfect for my kda channel.
the art style is is really beautiful and gorgeous
I playing on low graphic sometime normal graphic so far because my device cannot support. I love this game so much and keplerians . And i sorry about it i keep trying my best
But i cant because my Internet connection keeps problem and it all my fault 😔. I only play J. And William because they are my reasons my favorite character because they skill pretty strong enough.
But i am waiting mike to come horror brawl. And yeah i playing cheating so far because i taking revenge because everyone call me i am noob player. I honestly dislike Gb because my Storage is full please the new update i only want MB Not Gb, i not a hacker or cheater but it is my Internet connection keeps problem.

Edit season 3 : remember guys i not even hacker or cheating because it glitch i not telling lie, i telling the truth. Because i don't no i just shooting while heal

If you guys agree comment and like,

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