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Weeeell I really do like stories in here but the endings are so unsatisfying :c
The whole ending are just a text with a picture telling me that chars are having happily ever after... nice but I was playing hard through this unless clothes missions just for this? [發困]meh
Still I really love some of the chars. And it's really frustrating that my absolutely favs are not for romances [可憐]

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Serene Toh


Grahpics and gameplay and storyline wise are good but there will be a lot of farming and patience needed for this game. Deleted a few times previously but still end up coming back to this game lol!



This is a game I keep deleting and redownloading a lot lol. I have mixed feelings about it, but overall it's a pretty decent game. Since it's a dress-up game, clothes play a big part in it. Most of the clothing pieces and the designs are stunning. The rare event suits tend to be expensive, and it's very very hard to get them without spending money. For the crafted/story suits, you need to do a lot of farming, which can get annoying and the process feels painfully slow at times... As for the stories... This game has storybooks, which are essentially shorter stories you play through. I like the general idea, and most of the stories are good. Ofc, some aren't as good and tend to be repetitive and boring. Also, idk if it's just me, but the lack of POC characters is just something that strikes me as weird... Like, it's so bad you can't ignore it. But overall, this game has many unique aspects to it, so I do recommend trying it out if you are interested. See if you like it or not.

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