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CanameMik Top Contributor


actually, this game seems interesting af
but when i opened the app, a lot of problem greets me

- when i just opened the game, it can't connect to the internet even though i'm using wifi
- after tutorial there's no sound at all
- tried to restart the app, keep crashing
- finally able to play the game even though in offline mode

but uhhhh it's a pretty interesting rhythm game, it's a combination of Lanota and Persona Dancing games. The artwork is good, but the GUI looks kinda choppy and in low quality. The music is surprisingly good?? there's even a song from Cytus 2. but the game is kinda laggy

overall i think this game has some chance in the market af, but for now, nope

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Tiper Zero


Todo lo que puedo decir es que este juego tenia un potencial tremendo, el estilo artistico y la paleta de colores son un deleite a los ojos, y tambien me gusta que esté relacionado a los relojes, cosas como esas me gustan bastantes. Tantas canciones gratuitas y varios personajes que se podian elegir. Como desearia haber podido jugarlo en sus breves dias de oro.




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