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An adorable and pretty therepeutic game! I love being able to just sit and watch the cats doing their stuff, or even just leaving the app in the background – the sounds & music combine beautifully to form a soothing asmr sort of effect. The creators have evidently put a lot of thought into designing the game – little details like cats running around are animated smoothly and a joy to watch 🥰 There are also no forced ad viewings. The player is the one who chooses if they want to view any for bonus materials or currency. This really contributes to the immersion in the game 👍 The only downside is the accumulation of currency as time goes by, but that's typical of idle games, so I don't blame the creators for that 😅 All in all, highly recommended if you're looking for a relaxing break with lovable cats!

ふわふわ xiela


i like the artsyle, there's also mini games 5 plays max it will recharge everytime (claw machine is my fav:3), if you want to progress fast go watch ads it'll not pop up not like other games, you can change the BGM up to 10 tracks available, they also gives events and etc. its also offline so you dont have to worry, but i don't think you will get back your data if you delete this accidentally so before you go offline always cloud save first but I don't know if it works because i haven't tried it _(:3 」∠ )_ if you like C A T S download this

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