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Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX

Enderson Garcia


A fun game but the system of repeated characters in the draws makes it a little P2W.
Have fun at events and save your draws and items for specific characters.

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The game is... Preety good but broke the pokemon law You spent Action point to cast pokemon moves without any turn based (basicly you can spam the same pokemon attack everytime from the same pokemon without any switch) There's also the Z move system After 9 move you will gain access to Z move Best way is to get a Z move use 6 item and attack 3 time [懵懂] Trainer battle will Be bullshit item spam (nice job pokemon) [added comment] Reroll for dusclops so you can play the 2 support meta Best Attacker rn is houndoom or lyncanroc (this one is worse than houndoom but still tier 1) Graphics is good since its the same as S/M sounds are enjoyable because some trainer don't have voice back then Gameplay is the above. Preety bad and Storyline is the same as duel link at this point Value is meh. Pokemon go but probably good in America Also they make character gacha that contain pokemon instead of pokemon Only gacha

Master Shmidt


The game is buggy, unavailable on a large number of phones, launch celebration banner is locked behind a paywall... this game is a shitty mess. Which is a shame, because the battle style is pretty interesting.

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