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Phantom Rose Scarlet

Phantom Rose Scarlet

Phantom Rose Scarlet



игра топчик мне очень нравится рисовка и гг (чем то напоминает скулгерлз рисовкой) и артики классные аааа-
не люблю думать в играх но приходится
ксроче 10 горничных из 10

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Everyone always writes these super long analysis reviews of games that go all in-depth about everything, and frankly those are can get boring to read. (also I'm too stupid to write one anyway) Look, Phantom Rose Scarlet is a good game. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it the best game I've ever played, ever? No. Is it a decent mobile game made by a solo dev with minimal p2w items that hardly effect the game anyway, with the rest of the microtransactions being optional cosmetics, and optional ads you don't need to watch, that's easy to pick up and play whenever? Heck yeah. It's a pretty fun deck builder for mobile, amazing for something made by one person, that succeeds at looking both cute and badass while also being designed to be put down at a moments notice while losing 0 progress.Kinda like how you when you close a DS and it freezes the game 'till you can play again later. You could at least give it a try, you know? "Okay. I have to go now, and get back to playing Phantom Rose Scarlet on my Nintendo 3DS" - someone, probably



Made by a single person, I wouldn't say that it's a bad game. A roguelike deckbuilding card game where your cards not permanent, the gameplay quite simple, you just need to read the cards description so you can choose the most effective cards. The artstyle reminds me of Skullgirls, Helltaker and somehow Darkest Dungeon, it's cute and badass at the same time >:3

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