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🤦Special Review for Hilbert's White Day🤦
😂This is a retro indie game😂
TL;DR: Very simple touch and drop gameplay. No tutorial, quite easy.

Honest Review:
So...it's just touch/tap to drop your character for coins till you gather enough for everything: 100 for dog, 500 for cat, 1k for rabbit, 2k for panda, 4k for tiger, 7k pony, 10k for dragon, 20k for ninja, 30k for zombie, 50k for alien. A total of 124.6k of perfect touch/tap to get enough coins for everything.

Apart from that number of perfect taps, if you fail, you need to watch ADs every SINGLE time...

Eventually, if you don't have the time to tap 124.6k times (approx.: 2 seconds each time at most) to unlock everything in 69 hours, just DON'T PLAY THE GAME...

I can't believe anyone would be playing this for 69 hours unless...they are 69ers who play from 6am to 9pm every day...at least you can beat this game in a week if you really have the drive.

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