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Пока что в игре много багов и бывает подлагивает, людям, не владеющим английским языком не советую, да и в целом новичку в гачах будет ужасно сложно тут более менее разобраться. Графон тут выполнен в 3D и он неплох в плане красоты и в плане оптимизации. Донат тут вовсе не обязательный, можно обойтись и без него, но в таком случае вам придётся постигнуть все 9 кругов гринда без возможности скипать уровни. А, и ещё, важное замечание - гача тут надо крутить ради оружия и шмоток, а самих персонажей надо опять же долго и упорно гриндить. Я ставлю 6 из 10, рекомендую исключительно заядлым любителям гача-игр👌

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Guide for F2P, as I'm a F2P myself and currently top 10 in Global PvP. IMPORTANT: SR Magic DEF or Physical DEF accessory (tier 2 or tier 3) > SSR (tier 2 or tier 3) accessory. I think this is a bug where you get 20k-25k def with SR but SSR gives you 5k-7k at maxed level. Basically, dont evolve this piece of equipment above SR. (This game gives 40+ pulls weekly by doing Daily, PvP, and Weekly. You get more from other things like events, codes, mails, achievements, etc. You can play this game for fun. There's no need to be serious and rush things.) I highly recommend not spending any money on the packs, all of them are overpriced and have very little value to progression apart from the campaign battle pass or the 2x gem packs. *TIER LIST WITH EX WEAPON* (Good for long-term, if you're a F2P player, invest only into 2 characters fully until Van and other characters get updated to the scout list) Tier 0 (Strong everywhere: dominating PvP/PvE) - Boris (Tankiest DPS mage, can replace your frontline) - Aikawa (Best support/healing/DPS in physical comp) - Johan (The best healer in the game, usable in every comp. He's kind of a must-have unit to build) Tier 1 - Seraph (Best utility support: deals damage, cdr, healing) - Lero (The best magic tank, tanky + AOE skills) - Oxana (High investment character, really good with SSR exclusive) - Haena Kang (Best tank for physical teams) - Harang (Good shielding, great damage buffer) - Yujin O (Support with good damage) - Kyoichi (AOE ignores defense can be really good late-game) - Mochizuki (has some potential with dodges, but she has a very low base skill damage, even though it guarantees crit on every skill) Tier 2 (The "handicapping your account" category) - Juho Lee (Weaker damage than Seraph, Aikawa, etc) - Suki (From experience with EX wep, she's really weak) - Zenan (A tank trying to be a DPS against magic teams) *F2P EFFICIENT PROGRESSION GUIDE* (This game is similar to King's raid since you have to Gacha for each character's Exclusive Weapon as opposed to getting the characters. You can get all characters from scouting) 1. The best way to scout from day 1 is to visit: Shop > Package > Scout > Special Gift Pack 2/2. Buy both of them since "Special Gift Pack" has more value than "Almighty Gift Pack". This is the only thing that you will buy as a F2P from the shop for efficiency. 2. Reroll until you get the one Exclusive Weapon for at least one tier 0 character. After that, only roll if you see an Exclusive rate-up for your desired Exclusive Weapon type since it has better rates than the standard banner. 3. Don't waste your gold on Gears that are not Tier 2 or Tier 3. For Tier 1, only fully enhance and level (R) gears from 6-5, 6-6, 6-7. Always Aim For Additional ATK and Additional Defense. Fixed Offset for supports (healers and shielders). If you got lucky in the Gacha pulls and got Tier 2 (SR to SSR) or Tier 3 (N-SSR), make sure to fully leveled and enhance these instead for easy story progression. You will get 2 to 3 substats for these. In this case, prioritize Crit rate > Crit dmg amp > Hit rate/Additional ATK. 4. For Devil Hunts, only go for Defense > Survival > Everything else. You need this to progress and evolve your characters to SR quickly. 5. Don't forget about Craft which is located at the Top Right menu to get higher-grade materials and more. This is where you need more materials from Devil Hunt to evolve characters from R to SR. Spam Phase 2, essentially. 6. Don't use fully leveled gears for enhancement, Grind them first (get all the exp back) then use the leveling materials instead to be gold-efficient. 7. You grind for Gold (Sell) and Gear Evolution materials (Grind) by repeating stages in story mode. 8. To climb in PvP, make sure to only go for weaker enemies, refresh if they're too strong. It's most ideal to not lose a single battle since you will lose like 100+ potential points (-32 from losing, and losing your pt stacks) just by losing one fight. And that's everything. Have fun :)

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Exorcist in Island เกมมือถือที่อิงเนื้อเรื่องมาจากนิยายเกาหลี webtoon เกมเป็นแนวพจญภัยกำจัดเหล่าปีศาจในเกาะ เกมนี้มีตัวละครหลักของเรื่องแล้วเราต้องทำการพัฒนาตัวละครเรื่อยๆให้เป็นระดับ SSR กาชาเน้นเป็นสุ่มรับอุปกรณ์ของอัพเกรด ภาพและเสียงประกอบฉากสวยงามและเหมาะกับซีนต่างๆดี 🌟 รีวิวภาพบรรยากาศในเกม https://youtu.be/HHMJwJCSQFU

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