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The moon,

The game has a good idea, and I sure liked playing it.

But it has a lot left to be desired. To begin with, it gets too hard quickly. It also can't save, for example, of you get a message from a friend, this will result in the App for a short shutdown, and then you'll start at Level 1 all again. I got to level 5, but not any further. Speaking of which, there were green blocks that made your ball split in two, but only your ball has a hitbox, and the generated hasn't. also your ball is pretty fast (and you get no lifes if you fail, which is unfair, since one tiny mistake is starting over the level
(an explanation what each block does at the beginning wpuld have been nice too, since you just enter the game and know nothing. Can't read the story though, but the pictures in those sequences look like hand drawn and really good^^)

So in summary, it's playable, a bit broken but challenging up to almost unfairness, but playable and you could enjoy it if you love hell mode difficulty games.
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