Lullaby of Demonia: Otome Game

Lullaby of Demonia: Otome Game

Lullaby of Demonia: Otome Game

Rayan Albhrani


(≧∀≦)ゞ GMGOOOOD I've been waiting for this I really love it [開心]

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idk if im just biased but i love this game so much but help. im new to genius inc and idk how to get rubies plus she i try to go to shop it always says some error shi like anyway don't download this game Alastor locked me up in his closet , Ifrit keeps feeding me soup Malthus throws books that are boring asf at my face Lucifers prolly done with them w all this shi , Valec keeps forcing me to go out to buy him toys belail is just there amon keeps kidnapping the local stray cats SEND HELP



I haven't finished the storyline so I have no opinions on the story. It's a good game, character designs are amazing and my favorite being, Alastor. Gameplay is.. okay ? I do have problems on the obtaining premium choices, there's only one mini game that restarts everyday to get a literal good roll. Slot machine is very hard to obtain points, you must be lucky to get a good roll. I do wish they could add more minigames because the only options to get points is to watch ads and do the machine everyday. Pay to pick type of otome games aren't really my thing because they'd be obnoxiously expensive. [不滿] But I like this one so far! This is my first genius game experience and it's not that bad.

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