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CanameMik Top Contributor


if you want to play gbf but doesn't want to download the app, instead of using chrome you can use this instead! the game runs smoother, also the sound renders correctly.

but other than that it's just a normal browser af-

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This is a very helpful app to used when playing GBF, but do you know what will make this app even more amazing? Having a menu ENGLISH option, I don't want to be rude but a decent amount of GBF players read English. Just saying, we're here too.



[色色] if you can read Japanese SkyLeap is the best mobile way to play GBF. The app is not offered outside of the JP region in Google Play or Apple App Store because this isn't CyGames and they have no intention on translating it. stop asking in the wrong place. also, several nice people on reddit have made translation maps of the menus to help you setup skyleap. once you have your swipe gestures and to do list rolling you will only be looking at icons and ignore the lack of English. but on mobile this is absolutely the fastest loading "get that raid so you can do the event daily" browser hands down. reddit the nice guides or stick to chrome. This is not marketed outside of Japan. Qoo just happens to not region lock the apk install.

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