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The game so far is great i love the graphics, gameplay reminds me a little bit of Senran Kagura NL , the only down in the game is buying the NPC with ¥ i guess i can afford it other than that it's a nice game VPN wise if people are complaining i didn't use any VPN if the game tells you to use VPN or Game not available in your region it's not their fault basically this game is only playable if your in Japan but if you really want to play it without complaining do as the game says use VPN other than that yeah pretty much good😄 🇯🇵

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yoko yokome


man im a sucker for miko kitsune. but story short. its a great game that deserves some praise... evenings tho its be out for a while now. i haven't got bored or feel forced to buy with gatcha. but this is literally a F2P game.. but i dont mind supporting the game. its feels fresh and refine... also very colorful and it remains of hatsune miku for some reason. anyway yeah

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