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The Arcana: A Mystic Romance - Interactive Story



I love the art in this game. It's the reason I kept it on my phone for years. Originally, getting free coins was almost impossible, so I stopped playing but never uninstalled. I came back to it during the pandemic and found that they made getting coins WAY easier. So, I gave them a bunch of money (funny how that works). I've gone through 2 characters and 3 endings, enjoyed all of them (even the "bad" ones).

I recommend saving several thousand coins before you start a route because you'll want to binge read it in one sitting and waiting until the next day or the day after that is awful.

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one of my favorite games. it's absolutely beautiful and the story is very rich and intriguing. you dont have to pay for anything to play this, the coins, in my opinion, are fairly easy to collect. the options with the the use of coins does not change the outcome of your story it kinda just gives you little bonus scenes and sometimes images. you're always able to come back to any of the chapters. the seasonal events are really nice and you can replay them as much as you like. the devs are really considerate of the players and value their feedback, they listen to our recommendations and they truly do care about the players. each route is special and unique and they always give me so many feels akdkaj. you should really try out this game if you get the chance to

Lydia Liu


I'm usually not a fan of visual novel-based games, but this is.... it's amazing. I honestly didn't expect it to be so good. Very rarely have I seen such well-developed characters. The story is intriguing, the art is gorgeous, and the soundtrack (not sure if it's a unique soundtrack, but I guess it doesn't matter) is lovely. I don't mind the coin system to unlock options, seeing as they don't affect the ending you get, but I can see how it might get a bit irritating if you want to unlock something. It does get expensive, and coins aren't easy to come by. My only problem with it (literally my own fault, not the game's fault- rant unrelated to quality of game) is that the characters and story are *too* well done. I'll elaborate. This... quite honestly, it's just my personal problem and opinion, but this game makes me feel so guilty doing different routes. I think it was just bad luck starting with Asra's route. Because he's such a pivotal character in the story (as compared to, say, Muriel or Nadia), whatever route you play, you always end up going for Asra's advice or guidance once or twice in other routes. And, well... because I started with his route, it just makes me feel like it's a little convoluted to go see Asra instead of accompanying him the whole way in the first place. It gives the impression that Asra's route is the 'canon' route, and all the other ones are like a glimpse into another side of the same story, or some alternate descended timeline. So you can see that that's literally just my own problem. I got way too attached to the first character whose route I did, and now I feel bad playing any other route. God, it was just bad luck choosing to play Asra first. Of course, that doesn't mean the other characters are lacking in any way. I think they're all equally deep and developed characters... But that just makes the guilt even worse- so bad that I change my name with every route. But well, obviously that's just my problem. I don't think you'll have that sort of trouble unless you immediately get ridiculously attached to one single character... which I did. I only have myself to blame for this, but all in all! A good game!!!

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