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The Tale of Food | Japanese

The Tale of Food | Japanese

The Tale of Food | Japanese



This game makes me hungry because I keep having to look up the characters names and then seeing the dishes they're named after.

There are times the graphics are gorgeous, and then there are times they feel a bit standard.

So far, the story has been good, but I wouldn't say it has hooked me. Mostly, I enjoy it because it's something different.

I put the battles on auto, so the storyline gameplay doesn’t feel like much; though, you could play it manually if you wanted. I enjoy the silly mini games.

I'm not sure about value. Im happy with the characters and draws I get. I don't understand the mechanics quite well enough to know better. Qoo's translation service can only do so much.

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came back to edited my review cause I couldn't delete it, same like what I wrote in tw vers one



I love both chinese version and japanese version. there were lots of starting prizes for this new server, through there are some differences on events, like there was no card minigame the past event while in the cn ver. had. Also, I find it easier to get the sharing prises in this version. Since I've gotten used to the chinese already, I'm leaving the japanese for the ones who are starting now. The best part is that I can now undetstand the stories better than in chinese 🌸

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