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Obey Me! Shall we date?

Obey Me! Shall we date?

Obey Me! Shall we date?



One of this game's biggest draws are the chats and phone calls. If you've exhausted similar games, I recommend Obey Me. The guys will send you chat messages every few days (without you doing anything) to which you have response options. There is a Memory Box that lets you go back and replay chats and make different choices. You can always replay old phone calls, too, which happen every 5 levels of affection.

The card gachapon can be cruel but in they have big events that let you do lots of draws for free.

The main story is gated, which you need to pass by leveling up your cards. These "battles" are a bit annoying. That being said, I love the story and had to put N/A for value because I'm a whale in this game. Mammon can yell at me from across the room all he wants. I'll tap Diavolo until he stops looking sad. Make_Satan_meow.

The writers did a good job with demon lore. It's all hidden behind this goofy veneer, but there are little details I am surprised they added (like Mammon's connection to England). That makes the story even more fun to read.

If you need 7 to 14 more loveable idiots to love, look no further.

The characters are "brothers" in the sense that they were all angels created by god. Beelzebub and his "twin" were created the same day, but Beelzebub explains in game that they aren't actually twins. They refer to each other this way because they share a birthday.

It's a bit odd they refer to each other as brothers, but if you play the game, they explain they are not actually related, simply close because of their collective hijinks through the aeons. I provide this explanation for anyone who may have seen reviews mentioning sibling stuff.

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Sherrice jackson


app size is about 250mb. the gameplay for this game is pretty boring. you use cards to complete tasks (which is basically the demon brothers in chibi form dancing. they are competing against the npcs to see who can fill the gauge the quickest. if you don't get past a certain point within a certain amount of seconds you fail.) you get the cards from the gacha (its called nightmare in this game though) the rate is bad. the game doesn't give you the exact rate at which you can pull the cards but doing a bit of math it seems that UR is the highest and it's at about 1%. didn't look at the other one's because that's bad enough. the game has a 10roll at the tutorial area but this is a fixed set of people you get. you get enough to do a 10roll after the tutorial. also rerolling is impossible unless you use an emulator and make multiple instances/drives. the story is the most interesting thing so far but it is a "you're a human at a demon academy" story. the game has the voices in Japanese but you can play the game in English. EDIT 1: something that bothers me greatly about this game is how touchy feely these guys are. they are supposed to be brothers. that shit is fucking creepy.



the graphics of this game is good and also its live2d, the card’s art is also good. they also conduct events often which is either good or bad for a person like me who doesn’t know how to spend wisely, jk. so here it is, the thing i like the most is the storyline because i find it good and interesting. you’ll play here as an exchange student on devildom and you will meet the brothers and the side characters, i also heard that there will be new characters but i think you need to finish lesson 60(?) first to encounter them at rad if i’m not mistaken. if you’re an f2p player like me, i suggest that you should spend wisely and don't just spend everything at once because you will regret it since i've also experienced this many times [大哭] you should save as much as possible and if you really want to spend make sure to save atleast a little especially when it comes to AP since I think that’s really needed since you can get a lot of things from it. that’s all, good luck future exchange students ! [開心]

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