Ensemble Stars!! Music | Traditional Chinese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Traditional Chinese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Traditional Chinese



朔间凛月,为了你😨😨😨 我变成狼人摸样🐺🐺🐺 为了你😱😱😱 染上了疯狂🤡🤡🤡 为了你😰😰😰 穿上厚厚的伪装👹👹👹 为了你🤗🤗🤗 换了心肠💀💀💀 我们还能不能再见面🥺🥺🥺 我在佛前苦苦求了几千年🙇♂️🙇♂️🙇♂️ 愿意用几世🥰🥰🥰 换我们一世情缘💞💞💞 希望可以感动上天😭😭😭 我们还能不能能不能再见面🥺🥺🥺 我在佛前苦苦求了几千年🙇♂️🙇♂️🙇♂️ 但我在踏过这座奈何桥之前🎭🎭🎭 让我再吻一吻你的脸😘😘😘

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Awa Zuki


As Huawei user who doesn't have google service. Im so glad enstars traditional Chinese exists. I'll put my review here: 0. It follows the CN version but late a bit. 1. The graphics is fine because it is the same as Japanese version. 2. Their event was too far. Or the most late than Korean server and Japanese server which is fine i don't mind waiting for too long. If you wanna know when is the next event you can check the spreadsheet i made in timeline section. You also can check enstars tw news in Facebook. 3. Features: Has auto play it will unlock when you doing full combo. So you don't to worry about breaking a finger. I tried to ask my friend what did jp server have. Next it has a guild which is called as 'society' and daily tasks complete it everyday to get 50 dia. Ah you also can send gift to your friend like work ticket and small particle but you can only send 3 per day. Every week if you share you will get 100 dia. 4. Gacha still the same as jp server except the cost is 3500 for 10 pull. one pull cost 350 dia. Tw server will get exclusive gacha after cn server. Exclusive gacha you can only get the clothes. It doesn't have SPP 5. Story: it is traditional Chinese of course. But the voice is JP so no need to worry. If you're looking for story translation i suggest you find the story by yourself or use the screen translate to read it. 6. Usually it has the small event. I forgot pardon me. Im looking forward to the next update in the future.[開心] Also please stan alkaloid and mayoi he's a nice guy (●´∀`●).

Audrey Lim


I'm in LOVE with Rinne. Before chinese versions came out I'm interested in him just based on design but now that i understand the story, I've become a full fledged Rinne-p. Stan Crazy:B for good grades, clear skin and wealth. 最爱燐音!!!

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