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This is a downright horrible game experience, and I'll explain why.

Graphics are excellent. All of the models, figures, special effects, etc look really nice. There's also graphics options so it can run well on most devices.

Sound, especially the music, is amazing. The event song for Ihrendts' Work and the song in the Tasks mode are incredibly catchy. I usually kept the JP voices very low and the English voices are not good, but that's minor.

Gameplay is exactly what you'd expect from an idle gacha game. There's a lot of different modes at least, so it'll keep you busy.

I skipped the story constantly so idk anything about it.

So why is the game horrible? The service. The game constantly runs into connection issues. Even going from the main menu to level up your character will leave you stuck in a 10 second loading screen before booting you back to the main menu without saving any of your changes (assuming you could even MAKE any changes). You can have perfect wifi and the game will STILL kick you out randomly, or just choose to not let you log in for days. Now imagine you pay real money for the pack that gives you daily gems, or you're trying to collect materials to upgrade your characters, but you miss out on like a week's worth because the game had connection issues, and they don't even compensate you for what you missed. Imagine how frustrating that would be :)

It wouldn't be all bad if the customer support wasn't hands down the WORST support i've ever dealt with in a game. After bringing up the wifi connection issues in a review and explaining how it wasn't a fault with my connection (since other games worked perfectly fine on wifi), I was told to "switch between 4G and wifi networks" to fix the problem, or message them directly in-game. Switching didn't help me connect, so I tried messaging customer support in-game. They told me to "switch between 4G and wifi networks" to fix the problem. You can see where this can be frustrating.

I tried to ask for help on the official Discord server. Yuki, the Discord's Customer Support, told me to "please try to use vpn" to connect to the game. Since when does someone need a VPN to play a game that's officially released in their country? I don't need a VPN to play any other game in the play store/qooapp. I don't even need a VPN to play Final Gear, a game published BY THE SAME COMPANY. When I called out this BS advice, I was told to "make sure [I] log in to the game on the server in [my] region".

This company doesn't care about its players. Their customer service is a completely unhelpful joke and they will keep copy and pasting the same answer, swearing up and down that it'll solve your problem, instead of actually reading your message and actively looking into the problem. Every week, you can find somebody else who is having this same exact connection problem, and you can bet Yuki is there to spew the same unhelpful garbage every single time.

If you want to look at pretty figures on a not-terrible UI, maybe you'll get something out of this game. Otherwise, please play any other idle gacha game out there. Not even Hatsune Miku is work the headache that this game and it's horrendous service will put you through, I guarantee it.

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wow the game name is the figures fantasy that's make sense and l like it, I brake my favorite figure long time ago i was so sad and I'm still, but this game is perfect for me[賣萌][賣萌][賣萌] 💯💯

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