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Elemental Dungeon | English

Elemental Dungeon | English

Elemental Dungeon | English

CanameMik Top Contributor


A very interesting game, indeed...

it's a dungeon shooting (kinda?) adventure type of game. Tbh the game is okay but the control is annoying af, also she walks so slow. storywise (if you can call it story) is quite bizarre, you're an adventurer stuck with an old man (for some reason) and a vampire thingy attacked you and you need to defeat it. the spell system is pretty unique though

overall i won't recommend you to play this game, you can search for similar alternative that has better control. The only game that i've played and similar to this is My Heroes, and i feel like that game is more enjoyable than this.

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Carrie Hew


I personally love this game, its very fun to use diffrent strategies to defeat enemies. Playing multiplayer is sometimes laggy, but the game is still updating, so looking foward to more stuff in the futuree!! 😍❤



Art is cute. Gameplay is cool and hard. I'm addicted and loving this so much [色色][色色]

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