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This game just isn't fun. The main gameplay concept of sliding around character tiles to make combos in a set amount of time is a really cool idea, but it's executed so poorly here. It's impossible to build combos and dodge enemy attacks at the same time, so good luck getting 3 stars on any stage. You either focus on dodging and chip away at the enemy, or focus on your dance combos and risk losing your hp. If there was a phase for you to attack and a phase strictly for dodging, that'd be better.
The long comversations between each stage is also extremely annoying. Most games have an easy skip button in the corner, but this one makes you sit through walls of text before you can begin the next stage (or the skip button is just hidden somewhere).
Artwork is meh, not really my style. Others may enjoy it though.
Sound is pretty good, and the music is better than the gameplay.

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Arrowmancer Gameplay: https://youtu.be/3ebOZEqVMoM

Reverse Flash


Don't let the overall rating bother you, the game sometimes force close but after like 3-4 force close, the game works fine for me. The gameplay is pretty fun, i love the soundtrack, and what makes the game unique is you can create your waifu/husbando on their official website and add the character you made into the game.

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